Statement & Bio

Artist Statement:

I am fascinated with people, relationships and mass psychology. In particular, I am interested in how the mind works and how the feelings, thoughts, ideas, and perceptions we have create our world both personally and collectively. I find inspiration for my work by both looking outwards and inwards. From these explorations I have developed a cast of characters who inhabit my artwork. These characters are at times scary and peculiar and other times funny and vulnerable. They are usually rendered with an obsessive quality and a repetition of pattern that gives them a feeling of form and solidity while maintaining their dynamism. The characters can appear alone, interacting as a small group or as a massive army.


Nick Howard was born and currently lives in Minneapolis. A graduate of St. John’s University in  Collegeville, Minnesota with a B.A. in Studio Art, Howard first exhibited his work at Outsiders and  Others Gallery in 2006. He has been consistently exhibiting and developing his work since, with  his images featured in spaces such as the Radisson Blu hotel in Minneapolis, as cover art for the  Twin Cities-based band, Communist Daughter’s EP Lions & Lambs, and in the online magazine  Juxtapoz. Howard was the recipient of a MN State Arts Board Artist Initiative Grant in 2009 and  has been featured in the national publication, New American Paintings. He currently is a member  of the Rosalux cooperative art gallery in Northeast Minneapolis.


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